About us

CHAD CHIZZLE presents (CCP): is the brainchild and vision of Legendary Houston (club & concert) promoter CHAD CHIZZLE ( @bigchadchizzle )

Founded in 2013, CCP is a result of a stragetic partnership between Chad and a private entertainment conglomerate that uses technology to achieve unparralleled results in the nightlife arena.

Our Methodology

Cutting edge technology and execution are the halmark and core mantra of CCP.


CCP will continue to evolve thus offering new products & services which will spawn a "new age" of entertainment.

CHAD CHIZZLE, Social Architect & Co-Founder

Since 2001, Chad Chizzle has been a pioneer in the Houston nightlife industry. From club promotion to technology evangelism, CC is perfect leader for our firm!

Contact Us

based in Houston, TX
direct email | bigchadchizzle@gmail.com

instagram | @bigchadchizzle
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